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Project Orion Renaissance is a website devoted to the rebirth of Project Orion by major refit and changing the propulsion system.  Project Orion first started in 1958 was was originally intended to be propelled by nuclear explosives going off in succession behind a "pusher plate" and was under top secret development until it was shut down in 1965.  Project Orion died when it did due to loss of political support and the signing of the 1963 Nuclear Test Ban Treaty which forbids nuclear weapons explosions in space.  In the 1970s, the British Interplanetary Society conducted a five year study of a deuterium-helium3 inertial confinement fusion pulse propulsion.  The current Project Icarus joint study continues where Daedalus left off and is done by the Tau Zero Foundation and the aforementioned British Interplanetary Society.  The D-He3 Orion (formally known as "Orion II" or "Project Orion II") is in reality an extension and part of Project Orion which uses a safer and more efficient propulsion system.  Orion under its safer and more efficient propulsion system it borrows from Daedalus and Icarus will take us to the stars such as Alpha Centauri (4.37ly), Epsilon Eridani (10.5ly), and Tau Ceti (11.9ly).  Like Icarus, Orion will have a fifteen-light-year radius for an interstellar mission with several target star systems to go to.

I hope that Orion will be able to go to Alpha Centauri because it is the closest star system to Earth and there is some promising discovery of the nearest exoplanet discovered so far, Alpha Centauri Bb.  However, Alpha Centauri Bb is way too close to its star to support life.  I hope that in the near future astronomers will discover Earth-like planets orbiting in the habitable zone around either Alpha Centauri A or B.  However there are two other promising candidate star systems.  Epsilon Eridani has the closest Jupiter-like exoplanet discovered so far which even at closest approach orbits outside the star's habitable zone and could have Titan-like moons.  However, Epsilon Eridani is 800 mi9llion years old and therefore too young to have complex or intelligent life.  Life at Epsilon Eridani at best would be primitive.  Tau Ceti is now promising due to the discovery of five planetary candidates; two of which are in the habitable zone, orbiting Tau Ceti.

"Then through the vast and gloomy dark,

There moves what seems a fiery spark,

A lonely spark with silvery rays

Piercing the coal-black night." - Edward Lear


Welcome to Project Orion Renaissance

If you are interested in Project Orion or the concept of interstellar travel, then this is your type of website along with Centauri Dreams and the Tau Zero Foundation.

Hi, my name is Timothy Michael McHugh and I am the self-appointed chief designer of Project Orion since I rejuvenated in in the morning of Thursday, February 18, 1999 by changing its propulsion system to that of Project Daedalus.



1) I will not tolerate any bigotry against other people based on color, nationality, gender, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

2) Plus I will ban anyone believes in outright absurdities or even advocates destroying things that they don't like for no good reason out of prejudice in the name of such irrational ideas form this website.

3) Titan AE is 100% unconditionally and strictly prohibited on this website because it has a spaceship destroy Earth for silly reasons for the sake of an illogical story in the name of "human spirit and mortality".

Project Orion's original state as a nuclear explosive-propelled spacecraft concept (1958-1965)
Project Daedalus: The study that laid the groundwork for Project Orion's rebirth as a fusion pulse starship.
Project Icarus: The current theoretical study that will help Project Orion in its second life as a fusion starship.
Project Orion's current state as a Project Daedalus/Icarus-style fusion pulse spacecraft (1999-Present)