My #1 & #2 Favorite Sci-Fi:

1) James Cameron's Avatar (December 18, 2009)

Grade: A

Avatar is the biggest sci-fi success in the box office to date, it even overtook any one Star Wars movie by itself despite the inflated ticket pricing.  Avatar is an environmental film that also argues against imperialism and big business.  Avatar was not made only to entertain but to get a point across.  One example of James Cameron doing what this movie preaches in real life was recorded on the featurette called "A Message From Pandora" on the second disc of a 3-disc Avatar Collector's Edition Blu-Ray set.  Avatar was rated #6 by Astronomy Magazine on its list of Best Astronomy Movies because it got many scientific facts right.

2) Carl Sagan's Contact (1985 & 1997)

Grade: A

Contact was first written as a hard sci-fi novel in 1985 by the late Carl Edward Sagan.  Sagan was willing to imagine beings and civilizations more advanced than us but unwilling to ignore the laws of physics.  He consulted his friend Kip Thorne who worked on theoretical physics of wormholes for a means of going very far in the universe in a short time.  The movie Contact came out in the year after Carl Sagan's death.  This movie is a fairly accurate depiction of contact with another civilization beyond Earth and was rated #1 by Astronomy Magazine on its list of Best Astronomy Movies.

My Favorite space-related TV series so far
My current #1 all-time favorite movie ever made.
Carl Sagan's sci-fi novel (1985)
The Movie Contact (1997)

My #1 Most HATED Sci-Fi:

Titan AE (June 16, 2000)

Grade: F

Titan AE is an animated science fiction movie release that was a major box office failure.  The premise of this movie is that on otherworldly spaceship destroy Earth in an attempt to wipe out the human species for reaons that do not make any sense.  Our only hope in the film is some handwavium spacecraft called the Titan Project.

Reasons why Titan AE is an ABOMINATION:

1) A spaceship destroys Earth and no one does a thing to stop it just so a handwavium device is our only hope and this needless destruction goes under the banner of "human spirit and mortality" which is just as bad as committing atrocities in the name of religion.

2) Titan AE is totally saturated in handwavium ranging from a magical planet-making Titan spacecraft to the pure energy but tangible Drej villains.  Handwavium means anything that flat-out violates physics.  Even Star Wars which is not even soft sci-fi and instead is fantasy like Harry Potter and The Lord Of The Rings is this unrealistic or messed up and yet Titan AE IS sci-fi like Back To The Future and Star Trek.

3) Titan AE's story is disjointed and highly illogical with some plot holes and some enormous contradictions such as the Drej being "unstoppable" but being beaten when they were drained of their energy and the Drej being "pure energy" but solid and tangible with bodies.  Plus if the Drej were unstoppable, why would they destroy Earth just to prevent us from creating planets or being like gods, this would have to imply the Drej know they are vulnerable in some way.  So this premise never makes sense under the light or reason.

Titan AE does have good messages such as hope, belonging, and second chances, but because of its grievous story, the movie is condemned beyond any hope of redemption.  There was just no good reason for making Titan AE.  Free speech allows Don Bluth to make is hideous sci-fi movie and it also allows me to shoot down Titan AE with REALITY, SCIENCE, LOGIC, EVIDENCE, & FACTS!

My most HATED work of science fiction so far
The #1 reason why I loathe Titan AE
Handwavium: Anything that flat out vilates physics such as FTL in its various forms, spacecraft designs that ignore thermodynamics such as stealth in space, magical planet-making spaceships, and tangible pure energy. Titan AE is rated #1 in handwavium among sci-fi