This scene is the ONLY thing that I dislike out of all the Star Wars Prequels and it is a minute scene too.
Jar Jar Binks is unfairly singled out for iolent vendettas
I could receive some hate mail from ol;d-school Star Warsw fans who are up in arms with the new changes in Star Wars such as Jar Jar Binks.
This website although sympatic towards jar Jar, is just as bad as the Jar jar haters since it is a smear campaign against Star Trek and Avatar. I am opposed to StarDestroyer.Net for thaose reasons.

In Jar Jar's Defense

I am going to admit this first, I am not a big Star Wars fan, but I feel that the polarization of the Star Wars prequels is unnecessary, grossly unfair, illogical, short-sighted, nit-picky, and utterly pointless.  Allow me to give you one prime example upon which I will elaborate on, the popular hatred of Jar Jar Binks.

A lot of old-school Star Wars fans totally hate Jar Jar Binks with a purple passion for reasons such as finding the character to be annoying and falsely believing him to be a racial stereotype.  Plus this hatred is even more fueled by the fact that those Star Wars fans were anticipating Star Wars Episode I for many years and were shocked and disappointed that such a character that bothers them was in that movie that they have been waiting for.

DISCLAIMER: I have no problem if some Star Wars fans or other people dislike Jar Jar Binks or the Star Wars Prequels, because they are entitled to do so.  As I stated before, I am not a big fan of Star Wars, so why I am I ranting on this anti-Jar Jar vendetta?  Let me Explain.

The reason why I am writing this is because those angry Star Wars fans try to force their views onto everybody else and even have violent fantasies against Jar Jar Binks.  They even set up hateful and even violent websites against the character such as "The Jar Jar Hate Page" and "Kill Jar Jar Binks Now" and that is just  the tip of the iceberg.  Below are some pictures created by those virulent Jar Jar haters which proves that they do endorse destroying what they don't like for no good reasons and that they are violent towards what they dislike.  None of the pictures below belong to me since they were drawn by angry individuals bent on wiping Jar Jar off the face of Star Wars just to get their way once again like they did before TPM.
Exhibit Alpha: A hypothetical game called "Kill Jar Jar Binks"
Exhibit Beta: A Stromtrooper pummels Jar Jar Binks
Exhibit Gamma: A lightsaber used to impale Jar Jar's head
Exhibit Delta: Kriss HATES Jar Jar Binks by *magnaholix on DeviantART
Exhibit Epsilon: Predator kills Jar Jar Binks in this picture created by Chris Weyer

As you can see form the five pictures shown above, that there is no doubt that many Jar Jar haters resort to violent fantasies against the character which they find annoying for example all because he appeared in a movie that they anticipated for a long time.

Here is what I recommend to those jar jar haters, if they don't like the new changes in Star Wars such as Jar Jar and the prequels, then they need to either stick to the original trilogy or walk away form the franchise altogether.  They are perfectly entitled to not like Jar Jar to the SW prequels.  However, opinions do not excuse lashing out like this.  THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HAVING AN OPINION AND LASHING OUT!  All of the hatred of Jar Jar is purely based on personal issues on the part of the many people to do it rather than the actual movies themselves.

So I have to bring the fact that many of the people who have seen Titan AE think that Titan AE is better than The Phantom Menace all because they hate Jar Jar and yet they are fine with the heinous idea of a spaceship destroying Earth for pointless and stupid reasons.  The Phantom Menace is also the #1 most hated film among Titan AE fans from what I have observed so far.   When I voice my disgust for Titan AE, one of them gave me a lazy defense asking how Titan AE was worse than The Phantom Menace which is a very stupid question that he should have answered himself if he were more rational.  I bet that those Titan AE fanatics are so content with a premise of a spaceship blasting Earth to smithereens for asinine reasons story-wise than they are with Jar Jar Binks which is a 100% SICKENING set of concerns for anyone to have.  The only thing that I dislike in The Phantom Menace is that one very minute and very brief 18-second-long scene which was hostile to that Colo Claw Fish which is pictured on the top left of this page in comic format, but that is NOTHING compared to the criminal story of Titan AE which purposely allowed for the Drej to destroy Earth for dumb reasons.  So in conclusion, those Titan AE fans who dare to say that Titan AE better than TPM for instance offend me because they are sick individuals who have misplaced concerns.