D-He3 Project Orion Refit

"Then through the vast and gloomy dark,

There moves what seems a fiery spark,

A lonely spark with silvery rays

Piercing the coal-black night." - Edward Lear

Known D-He3 Orion Starship specs:

Length: 240 meters

Width (with six aft spherical propellent tanks):75  meters

Primary Propulsion: D-He3 fusion pulse propulsion (antimatter assisted?)

Secondary Propulsion: magsail or solar sail.

Speed: 15-20%c

Destination: Alpha Centauri (a.k.a. Rigel Kentaurus, Rigel Kent, Toliman, or Bungula), Epsilon Eridani, or Tau Ceti (a.k.a. Durre Menthor)

The refitted Project Orion starship is designed to use deuterium-helium3 fusion pulse propulsion as its primary propulsion system.  In light of something going on with the Project Icarus study Orion might use some antimatter for antimatter-assisted D-He3 fusion pulse propulsion as its primary propulsion.  Since Daedalus was too massive and unable to decelerate to its destination, Orion will have a secondary propulsion system to save propellant just like Icarus considers.  The two most likely candidates for Orion's secondary propulsion system are the solar sail and more likely yet the magsail.  Orion ever since its inception for its first life in the 1950s is about spreading life on Earth besides humans to deep space and that is the mentality of Orion to this day.  However chances are that the D-He3 Orion will be an interstellar probe along with Daedalus and Icarus but will still carry the essence of spreading life on Earth into space, not just humans.  Plus there will be more designs for Project Orion's second life that go in that direction that I so desire in the future in as cost-effective a manner as possible.

D-He3 Project Orion Interstellar Probe