Prosecuting Confused Matthew

Alpha) The Perpetrator

Confused Matthew's avatar

Confused Matthew is an infamous amateur film critic on YouTube who even has his own website, his gimmick is that he reviews popular movies and tries to show us why they are not as good as people say they are, which is an admirable trait on the surface, but sadly that is where it stops.  When you take a look at one of his actual reviews, it is piss poor.  This guy claims to not have a problem with other people liking the movies that he hates, but actual evidence in at least some of his reviews suggests otherwise.  Below is a video of this movie reviewing dictator's real face which looks very different form his online avatar shown above for all to see.

Beta) Confused Matthew's Offenses

Confused Matthew is particularly biased against The Lion King and his contempt for The Lion King does not stop there.  In fact, his reviews in general tend to be biased.  He has taken his hatred of The Lion King to a whole new level to where in some of his other reviews such as his review of The Incredibles, he goes off on such asinine tangents against The Lion King which are 100% IRRELEVANT to the movie he is reviewing such as The Incredibles.  He never ever does this to any other movie that he hates.  He claims that he has no problem with other people liking The Lion King but there is evidence in his Lion King review which prove otherwise which I will show shortly.  When you tell this fact to his most loyal fans who participate in his efforts to stamp out The Lion King, such as MrHighlanderfan, they never address it up front and will dance around looking for loopholes, allow me to give you an example:

"CM does not say that you have to like The Lion King, he just states that it should not have received critical acclaim, if his critics acknowledged his complaints and the film had no such critical acclaim, then he would have no problem with other people liking it."

The quoted sample that I quoted above somewhat tweaked partially in my own words is a perfect example of how CM fans dancing around your argument and looking for loopholes in pathetic defense of their mind-numbing idol.  CM may be okay with people liking most of the movies that he hates; especially since he regrets insulting Roger Ebert and Stephen Spielberg in his first Minority Report review, but he has an issue with other people liking The Lion King.  He tires to deny it but the evidence to prove his intolerance of any opinion that dares to like The Lion King is damning.

Does anyone notice any Moby Dick parallels to Confused Matthew's vendetta against The Lion King because he is literally CAPTAIN AHAB and The Lion King is definitely his WHALE!  He is planning a second review of The Lion King stating all of the same refuted claims just using ad hoc reasoning, moving goalposts, and logical fallacies to evade evidence provided by his critics and if or when he posts it, I will call him out for it with one of my Orion Commentaries!

Gamma) The Evidence Against Confused Matthew

And now for the evidence against Confused Matthew that proves beyond any reasonable doubt that he is intolerant of anyone daring to like The Lion King and is obsessively bent on the films annihilation.  I will start with the first line from his original TLK review which perhaps explains why this guy is obsessed over this film.

Confused Matthew said: "I hated The Lion King ever since I first saw it as a kid.  I left the theater back then completely astounded at what Disney did to their once flawless succession of films and instantly predicted that this would be an phenomenal flop."

I believe that what CM is referring to as Disney's "once flawless succession of films" is how Disney was only making films that he liked as a child prior to The Lion King, he was 13 when this movie came out and I was 10.  CM wants revenge against The Lion King for putting an end to a once nonstop succession of Disney happening to give hi his way all of the time and in a sense is spoiled in this context.  He must have been massively disappointed that a film company that beforehand only made movies that he enjoyed would suddenly come out with a movie that bothered him.  However, I have no problem if he dislikes The Lion King and he is perfectly entitled to do so.  But I hate to say this, Confused Matthew's reasons for hating The Lion King are asinine such as his belief that Simba is bratty and that Timon and Pumbaa are selfish because none of what he says in his review is true and is in fact super false.  Opinions are no excuse for spouting out such irrational ideas or pernicious untruths.  I was traumatized about Star Wars like when I had my Orion taken away in 1999, but I never ever spout out or endorse any irrational ideas or hurtful untruths against Star Wars.  Now I will show you a quote coming right out of his vindictive bigotry which is a covert form of censorship:

Confused Matthew said: "I have never been so dumbfounded by a bad movie's success in all my life, not even after Star Trek Generations.  This film [The Lion King] does not deserve any of the success or accolades it has received, it deserves to be completely ignored.  Moreover, it should be ignored because when you make a shitty film popular, you give writers and studio executives the impression that you want to see shitty films and they are usually more than happy to deliver on this."

Regardless of what defenders of this quote say, this is airtight and rock-solid proof that Confused Matthew says that everyone who dares to give legitimate reasons for liking The Lion King is an idiot and wants everybody to stop liking the film.  Many bad movies were successful including some that CM likes such as ID4.  The fact that so many people liked TLK in particular has absolutely NOTHING to do with the success of the many successful bad movies.

Confused Matthew said: "Maybe, just maybe, I can prevent another film like this [The Lion King] from ever being produced and we could all live in a world were only good movies become successful.  Maybe I'm just setting my sights too high, but I can dream, dammit, I can dream."

See, Confused Matthew is saying that he wants to be able to possible DICTATE to film companies that they can never make any future movies in the likeness of The Lion King.  This is 100% PRO-CENSORSHIP just so he can live in a comfort zone where he has his way all of the time in movies.  He loathes Simba and thinks that he is bratty and that Simba treats everyone else like dirt.  Plus Confused Matthew even THREATENED VIOLENCE against Simba for his character and I am not joking!  Here are some examples:

"Someone needs to eat this thing [Simba]!" - Confused Matthew

"I'll mess your face up you little shit!" - Confused Matthew

"Oh, Come on guys [the Hyenas], eat him [Simba], eat him [Simba] and make his bones into a toilet and shit on his dead carcass!" - Confused Matthew

Confused Matthew and his fans may claims that all of these threats against Simba are "jokes" but in reality they are NOT jokes and are very violent fantasies of wanting Simba to get hurt and even killed just because his character does not suit his greatest glory Matthew!  In fact a Confused Matthew fan known as PunisherMan1000 even posted comments on a past YouTube account of mine threatening to kill Timon and Pumbaa and this was definitely motivated by his agreeing with Confused Matthew's review of The Lion King.  So don't you dare tell me that Confused Matthew's Lion King review is good, right, logical, or harmless.  In reality, Confused Matthew's review of The Lion King is by far one of the most pernicious, vindictive, bigoted, biased, illogical, and dictatorial movies reviews ever written!  Now I will quote his bigotry against those who like Timon and Pumbaa:

Confused Matthew said: "The only thing more unnerving that what has just been said is that people actually did like them [Timon & Pumbaa]."

Confused Matthew is also saying that if you like Timon and Pumbaa, you are an idiot and exposing more of his bigotry.  This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is so wrong with Confused Matthew's attitude towards The Lion King.  An active member of the film community known as Savage Broadcast on YouTube was right when he said that one can completely destroy the Confused Matthew's review of The Lion King and every single argument in it with only a couple of phrases: CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT & PLOT DEVELOPMENT!  Confused Matthew clearly has no understanding of those two terms or the basic mechanics of a movie and refuses to learn character and plot development because he wants to keep believing in his asinine anti-Lion King dogmas.  This guy is just like Michael Wong and his so-called "StarDestroyer.Net" website using the same types of nitpicking, jumping to conclusions, and fallacies etc, just smear campaigning against The Lion King instead of Star Trek, that's all.  Confused Matthew is just like my character of Frederick Galactico Impcus (a.k.a. Mr. FTL) where that character refuses to learn the Lorentz Transformations and Einsteinian equations which show that you cannot go faster than light all because that character wants to continue believing in FTL.

Confused Matthew is banned from anything to do with Project Orion Renaissance because of his Anti-Lion King Fanaticism (ALKF) which is based on willful misinterpretation and prejudice and I have no desire to in any way feed his asinine fanaticism.

It is unfortunate that there are other people who share Confused Matthew's brand of ALKF and his irrational beliefs that Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa are horrible protagonists.  One example is SuperGodzilla12 (now SuperGzilla12) who upon constant request made his own brain-damaged clone of Confused Matthew's review of The Lion King which he so sickeningly endorsed despite allowing others to like the film unlike CM.  SG12 too is forever banned from any Project Orion Renaissance-related activities for the exact same reasons as CM as long as he stand by his prejudice against TLK protagonists. Others who dogmatically believe in this nonsense include the spammer MrHighlanderfan, the troll YouSuck898981, ToasterInTheBathtub1, The Burning Pancake, and PunisherMan1000, they too are all banned form Project Orion Renaissance for sharing Confused Matthew's prejudices about The Lion King.  I will not put up with having characters like Timon and Pumbaa being treated with this virulent hostility/threats of violence and that is why I will ban all who agree with CM's TLK review permanently form Project Orion Renaissance since Confused Matthew's brand of ALKF is based on belief in absurdities, self-delusion, fanaticism, and willful misinterpretation which in turn perpetuates destroying for no good reasons and that totally undermines the very essence of Project Orion Renaissance.

I will not ban someone from Project Orion Renaissance for merely disliking The Lion King since there are plenty of other reasons to dislike TLK besides Confused Matthew's asinine reasons for doing so.  Many hyena lovers and hyena researchers dislike The Lion King for valid reasons because the film portrays all hyenas as bad just because they are hyenas which reinforces the negative perception that most people already have been having about hyenas, and they are welcome to Project Orion Renaissance if they wish to participate. Some people dislike The Lion King because they find Timon and Pumbaa annoying like I find Star Wars foreboding or they don't like animation, or other things along those lines which are fine and they too can join Project Orion renaissance if they want to.  At lest those those who dislike The Lion King but don't agree with Confused Matthew's lousy Lion King review will not have destructive fantasies or foster atrocities in any way because they don't believe in such absurd ideas and that is why they are still welcome here.  The only ones banned from Project Orion Renaissance are those who base their opinions on outright absurdities and perpetuate destroying things that they don't like for no good reasons and even fantasies in favor of destroying for no good reason.

"Those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities." - Voltaire

This is Confused Matthew's ONLY rightful gift from Star Trek
The Keyhole Nebule flips Confused Matthew the "finger"! This is your GIFT Confused Matthew for your ALKF war!