An Orion II Starship Versus The Drej Mothership:

This page discusses how it is possible to use a fleet of Orion II Starships that I designed for Project Orion's rebirth to foil the Drej plot to destroy Earth, the Drej from Titan AE may never expect it.  The Orion II ships will carry antimatter missiles in the place where its smaller probes are normally stored.  Orion II will strike while Alahenena is only visible through the telescope.  This is a response to Titan AE itself and to the obnoxious cop-out defense claiming that no one or nothing could have stopped the Drej from destroying Earth no matter how sophisticated or well planned.  Plus I have done research before writing this.


Atomic Rockets Homepage:

Preliminary Notes:

Common Misconceptions: 

Respecting Science:

Detection in Space Warfare:

Exotic Space Weapons:

Michio Kaku's Sci-Fi Science: Physics Of The Impossible - Episode: "Destroy The Death Star"

Mission Plan:

A fleet of armed Orion II Starships will detect the Drej military spacecraft in advanced while they are still far enough away form Earth to have advanced waring and this is a 100% guarantee granted by the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.  There is no stealth in space period no matter what you do or how advanced you are since heat is a stealth-destroying beacon and you will always give off heat in space no matter what you do.  Plus I do not have to worry about Drej Stingers since space fighters do not make sense militarily, economically,l or scientifically.  You cannot swerve, swoop, or bank, or turn on a dime in space because there is no air pressure in a vacuum so the maneuvers that Drej Stingers are written doing are impossible as guaranteed by Newton's 3rd law!  Maneuvering in space is like maneuvering hovercraft in three dimensions.  So thanks to the mindset in setting up the Alahenena's defenses, the Orion II Starships have the upper hand and the Alahenena is a sitting duck because they can strike from greater distance than the Drej could.  So when the Alahenena appears in the view of the 5m reflector telescopes of the Earth-defending Orion IIs they fire missiles towards the Crystalline Drej Ship each missile carrying a small amount of antimatter.  The missiles can maneuver at G-forces which would kill us but they are unmanned and expendable since their job is to detonate one inside the Drej Queen's warship.  Several of the antimatter projectiles make it into the Drej Planet Buster and send a signal to thier Orion IIs that they are inside and ready to be set off.  Sirius Sagan gives the order to detonate all of the antimatter warheads in the Alahenena and they go off only less than a minute before the Drej open fire on Earth when their ship is in firing position.  The Alahenena itself shields the Orion IIs form the gamma rays of the antimatter blast thus shielding my heroic starships form the deadliest elements of the blast.

Titan AE Ban:

The criminal movie Titan AE is 100% banned on this website since that despicable movie launched aggressive interstellar war against everything that Orion II and Project Orion Renaissance stand for and are sworn to protect!  Titan AE's story about letting its villains destroy Earth when there are no colonized planets for humans to escape to and when Earth is our only home in the cosmos for no good reasons only to have a handwavium device be our only hope in the film under the banner of "human spirit and mortality" is an evil act that was so calculated and very malignant that Titan AE is condemned and thus has to be banned from anything to do with Orion II and Project Orion Renaissance forever even after I die.  That's right, Titan AE will still be just as guilty when I am dead as it is today when I am alive for crimes against peace.  The only thing even related to Titan AE permitted on Project Orion Renaissance is counter stories about saving Earth form the Drej in the first place just like the scenario that I have just discussed on this page.

DEATH to Titan AE!  Long Live Project Orion Renaissance!

The Keyhole Nebula heroically flips off Titan AE to give them the "finger" that they so deserve for their war crimes.