My Suspicions have been confirmed, Michael Censorship Wong and his thugs on StarDestroyer.Net are unfairly attacking Avatar.

I checked on StarDestroyer.Net regarding James Cameron's Avatar using the Google search engine and one of the results had confirmed my suspicions about what Michael Censorship Wong and this goons would do to Avatar on their hideous StarDestroyer.Net website.  Wong and his henchmen are totally against my current #1 all-time favorite movie Avatar and I bet that it is all because they are now jealous that Star Wars is no longer #1 in space genre because Avatar was so successful that it overtook any one Star Wars movie by itself in the box office.  And below is a very biased quote in a poorly coded message which proves that is nothing more than a Star Wars supremacist website bent on total Star Wars saturation of the space genre.

"Get your fill of sci-fi, science, and mockery of stupid people." - StarDestroyer.Net is very biased in favor of Star Wars and biased against other sci-fi such as Star Trek and Avatar so it is not a genuine fill of science fiction, just a very biased Star Wars fan website.  And is not promoting science.  The "stupid people" that refers to is every body who dares to disagree with them in any way, shape or form, so they can mock them and not address any valid points form the opposition and this if further proven by Michael C Wong's strict censorship policy.  StarDestroyer.Net's anti-Avatar thread is called "Avatar Military Wankers Read This First" and they talk the exact same type of trash about Avatar that they do about Star Trek and that is SHAMEFUL!

The D-He3 Orion Starship and Project Orion Renaissance fully support James Cameron's Avatar and stand against StarDestroyer.Net!
The Keyhole Nebula heroically flips off StarDestroyer.Net!