The Case Against Titan AE


On Friday, June 16, 2000 20th Century Fox released a post-apocalyptic animated science fiction film called Titan AE.  Don Bluth directed the film and Gary Wayne Goldman produced it.  It has hand-drawn characters with CGI ships and backgrounds etc.  In 3028, an alien terrorist group who are the villains in the movie destroys our planet in an attempt to stop the human species form creating planets for fear of us being like gods.  Our only hope in the movie is a magical planet-making spacecraft called the Titan Project which the movie focuses on the search for and our heroes who have to find the Titan.  This movie was a FLOP that will never ever stop flopping around meaning that it failed miserably in the box office.  This movie is by far my #1 most hated work of science fiction so far.

The Messages of Titan AE:

Before I present my case as lead prosecutor of this film, let me tell you about the movie's messages.  The best defense of Titan AE that anyone can offer and perhaps the one and only valid defense is the film's good messages of hope, second chances, finding a home, belonging, etc.  However, Titan AE does have one dangerous and bad message of combining "human spirit and mortality" which gives justification to the reasons why I condemn this particular movie.  And the good messages in Titan AE will not save it from the condemnation it so deserves because what the movie did in its story is unforgivable.  Some feel that the voice cast is good but even it it was, that too will not repay the cosmic crimes committed by this film.

Stuff that does not matter to me etc in Titan AE:

And there are some other things that I have to tell you before I present my evidence against the film.  Personally, I have no opinion on the music or the style of animation since the music has no pernicious lyrics and the animation is irrelevant to me.  The main hero, Cale Tucker voiced by Matt Damon and his girlfriend Akima voiced by Drew Barrymore are two characters who are behaving in rude ways that they would not otherwise due to the destruction of their planet when they were toddlers, they are not mean.  The crew of the Valkyrie get dysfunctional as a team especially because of Captain Joseph Korso voiced by Bill Pullman and Preed voiced by Nathan Lane until Korso kills Preed for conspiring with the villains.  Now that all of this is out of the way, let's get to the mountain of evidence against Titan AE.

The Evidence:

Finally I will now present my case that this film is beyond any hope of redemption.  The centerpiece of my argument is the villains of this film known as the Drej and what they did in the movie that is so pointless and unforgivable.  But there are also other facets to my damning evidence against this movie including the disjointed story and the orgy of handwavium galore.

The Titan Project:

I will start with the issue of story-writing negligence which leaves the fate of the human species following the loss of Earth in the hands of a handwavium device that totally violates the laws of physics.  The Titan is a magical spaceship that can create an entire Earth-sized planet form scratch and make it totally habitable to human life all within a year which violates physics.  And planets cannot form and become habitable all within a short time span such as only a year, this violates the laws of planetary physics.  This form of handwavium was first pioneered by Project Genesis in Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan.

Planets take thousands to millions of years to form around newborn stars or stellar remnants and under natural circumstances, life takes millions of years to take hold on suitable planets.  This brings up a proposed artificial process known as terraforming in which you take an already existing planet such as Mars or Venus and make it Earth-like.  Terraforming is NOT creating entire planets form scratch and then making them habitable within short time spans.  Terraforming would be a process carried out in different stages and take a time span of like centuries to unfold.  One day we will lose Earth and if we are to survive, we must learn to colonize other planets and moons as well as other star systems.

The dangerous irony of the Titan AE universe is that humans are an intergalactic civilization without any colonies beyond Earth by the time of our planet's destruction.  We did not terraform any existing worlds by the time the Drej destroyed Earth yet we were able to create planets and this begs the question, "Did we learn how to create planets before we learned how to terraform?"  There is so much wrong with this picture!  You need reality to save things, nut handwavium wishful thinking since that will get us nowhere.

The Drej:

Now I will talk about the pure-handwavium-based Drej.  The Drej are apparently stock motiveless villains since we learn next to nothing about Drej society, Drej lifestyle, Drej culture, Drej philosophy, or Drej mindset as to why they would want to wipe out the human species to begin with except that they just don't want us to create any planets.  The only other thing we learn about the Drej is that their social structure sort of resembles that of social insects ruled by a large queen.

The movie claims that nobody can defeat the Drej because they are supposed to be "pure energy", but this is contradicted by the scene in which Cale placed his ring on the cone to activate the Titan and drain their energy in which case they were finally destroyed.  How could it be that no one could defeat the Drej yet they were eventually destroyed in the climax of the film, this does not make any sense and is a massive contradiction.  I bet the authors of this asinine movie wrote that contradiction in there in which the Drej were unstoppable in the beginning but not in the end for the purpose of their pernicious story.  I bet this was to prevent anything from being able to stop the Drej from destroying our planet in the first place no matter how advanced because doing so would undermine the very type of story they wanted to tell, so they resorted to cheating.

Another contradiction is that both the Drej and their spacecraft are supposedly "pure energy" yet the Drej have bodies like you and I and their spacecraft have solid designs.  This contradiction flat out violates physics since pure energy cannot be tangible or solid and any real pure energy life must be non-corporeal; meaning without bodies, such as intelligent clouds etc.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to have solid objects or spacecraft made out of pure energy.  Plus the whole concept of an entire white dwarf in the Alahenena is laughable and simply will not work since you cannot have a star or stellar remnant of any kind in a spaceship.

The maneuvers of the Alahenena's squadrons of Drej Stingers through space are IMPOSSIBLE since you cannot bank, swerve, swoop etc in space.  The Drej might have been stealthy in space at first as suggested by a beginning narration about coming without warning.  There is no stealth in space as guaranteed by the second law of thermodynamics.  That is because no matter what you do in space or how advanced your spacecraft is, you will always give off heat as a stealth-destroying beacon.  So there is no way that the Drej can hide their military spacecraft from detection by any antimatter missile-carrying Orion Starships defending our planet.

The Drej which are supposed to be invincible destroy Planet Earth only because they do not want us to create any planets for fear of us being like gods.  How can a race said to be unstoppable feel so threatened by another species creating planets, this would have to imply that the Drej are no where as near as unstoppable as the movie makes them out to be and that they are vulnerable in some way.  This premise of the invincible Drej purposely destroying Earth only to prevent us from creating planets makes absolutely no sense at all under close scrutiny.

The Verdict - GUILTY!:

My beef with Titan AE is that it is a movie that allows for its villains to destroy our planet for reasons that make no sense at all story-wise for the sake of a disjointed and handwavium-soaked story all under the banner of "human spirit and mortality".  I let Titan AE get off scot-free just because of its voice cast and good messages is just like letting the Nazis go unpunished for their war crimes.  Titan AE is condemned beyond any hope of redemption or forgiveness since what it did in its story is so illogical, grievous, macabre, indecent, careless, malignant, horrendous, criminal and self-centered that it simply cannot be forgiven no matter how many years pass since the film's release.  The fact that almost thirteen years have passed since Titan AE's release when I wrote this does not erase even one tiny bit of this movie's guilt at all.  And even in the dawn of the 22nd Century, Titan AE will remain just as guilty as it is today for its crimes against peace.  Titan AE is a science fiction crime against peace, but the one way to fight this particular atrocity of a movie is with more speech only and no police involved.  That is because freedom of speech allows Bluth and Goldman to make Titan AE and for me to give their movie the scathing indictment it so deserves.  Face it, Titan AE is a science fiction war crime and that is a fact of life!